AIM Awards 2018 Shortlist


AIM Awards 2018 Shortlist & Event

Last week saw the announcement of the shortlist for this year’s AIM Awards in London on October 11th. With awards provided based on future growth potential as well as past performance, the shortlist provides a rich list of AIM companies worth watching. Here we take a look at the awards and the companies shortlisted for each (article now updated with this year’s winners).

Best Investor Communication Award

The shortlist for this award reflects having demonstrated honest, accurate and consistent communication with all levels of shareholders and potential shareholders, making effective use of all available channels, including social media, to share not only good news but also bad or unexpected news.


  • Belvoir Lettings PLC
  • EMIS Group PLC (Winner)
  • IG Design Group PLC
  • Telford Homes PLC

Best Use Of AIM Award

The winner of this award will have a clear growth strategy in place and will have demonstrated successful implementation of that strategy since arrival on AIM.


  • Diversified Gas & Oil PLC
  • Gateley (Holdings) PLC
  • Keywords Studios PLC (Winner)
  • Warpaint London PLC

Best Technology Award

Not necessarily proven commercially, the winner of this award will have developed technology during the previous year that reflects the innovation and entrepreneurial skills at the cornerstone of AIM culture.


  • Boku Inc
  • First Derivatives PLC (Winner)
  • Zoo Digital Group PLC

Global Achievement Award

Presented to the UK-based AIM company best able to demonstrate exceptional achievement on the world stage, the criteria for this award is purposefully broad to allow the panel to make qualitative as well as quantitative judgement – be it regarding a major overseas acquisition, contract win, joint venture, distribution agreement or opening up to overseas territories.


  • AB Dynamics PLC (Winner)
  • Blue Prism Group PLC
  • Fevertree Drinks PLC
  • First Derivatives PLC

AIM Transaction Of The Year Award

The winner of this award will be a company transformed by a single financial or commercial transaction during the period under review, thereby creating significant shareholder value.


  • Diversified Gas & Oil PLC
  • RWS Holdings PLC (Winner)
  • Total Produce PLC
  • Warpaint London PLC

AIM Growth Business Of The Year Award

Registered and headquartered in the UK, the winner of this award will have achieved exceptional, consistent growth in turnover and profitability for at least the past three years. Such growth will have been achieved by way of market disruption, clear innovation in product or service, and backed up by a sustainable growth strategy which has been implemented by a high quality management team.


  • Craneware PLC
  • Dart Group PLC
  • Fevertree Drinks PLC (Winner)
  • RWS Holdings PLC

Innovative Fundraising Of The Year Award

This award is given in recognition of innovation and success in raising funds to facilitate further growth and development.


  • AdEPT Telecom PLC
  • Burford Capital Ltd (Winner)
  • Diversified Gas & Oil PLC
  • Versarien PLC

Best Newcomer Award

Arriving on AIM between 1 August 2017 and 31 July 2018, the winner will have already caught the imagination of investors, and would likely be a strong contender for Company of the Year were it not due to the lack of public company track record.


  • Boku Inc (Winner)
  • Rosenblatt Group PLC
  • Springfield Properties PLC
  • Sumo Group PLC
  • Team17 Group PLC
  • Tekmar Group PLC

Entrepreneur Award

Taking things forward for his or her company at a pace impossible were it not for access to public funding, the winner of this award will be an entrepreneur who has demonstrated exceptional vision, flair, drive and business acumen.


  • Debbie Bestwick – Team17 Group PLC
  • Christopher Bogart – Burford Capital Ltd
  • Brian Conlon – First Derivatives PLC (Winner)
  • Philip Meeson – Dart Group PLC
  • Jonathan Molot – Burford Capital Ltd

Best Performing Share Award

Based on share price performance over the period, the Best Performing Share Award is a factual award. However, in addition to pure share price performance, the panel haven taken the view that an allowance must be made for adequate liquidity in the day-to-day trading of the company’s shares. Thus the additional criterion for this award is that the winner must have a minimum of 25% of its issued share capital in public hands.

The winner this year was Zoo Digital Group.

Company Of The Year Award

The ultimate accolade, the growth potential of this particular company will be excellent having shown itself to be responsible, fully accountable, dynamic, and with strong future prospects. The winner will be a serious, well-managed business, having attracted public funding to enhance and develop its growth potential to the full.


  • Abcam PLC
  • accesso Technology Group PLC
  • Dart Group PLC
  • Gamma Communications PLC (Winner)

How have last year’s winners performed across this past year?

If we take a look at the bulk of the main awards from last year, we can see quite mixed performance across this past year:

  • Company Of The Year: Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) – share price increase of 71% across the last 11 months.
  • Best Newcomer Award: Alpha FX Group (AFX) – share price increase of 20% across the last 11 months.
  • Growth Business Of The Year Award: Keyword Studios (KWS) – share price increase of 33% across the last 11 months.
  • Best Technology Award: IQE PLC (IQE) – share price decrease of 37% across the last 11 months.
  • Best Performing Share Award: Nu-Oil & Gas (NUOG) – share price increase of 1% across the last 11 months.
  • International Company Of The Year Award: Taptica international Ltd (TAP) – share price decrease of 23% across the last 11 months.
  • Transaction Of The Year Award: Animalcare Group (ANCR) – share price decrease of 35% across the last 11 months.

What really stands out, however, is the selection of Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) for Company Of The Year, as well as Keyword Studios (KWS) for Growth Business Of The Year. As possibly the two awards most indicative of expected future success, then the growth of these two companies across 2018 is encouraging for any current or potential shareholders of the companies listed for this year’s award.

Whatever happens, we will be looking forward to hearing who the winners are, and we wish all those attending the event the very best.

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