Nomads On AIM

Nominated Advisors

Companies intending to list on AIM must first appoint a Nominated Adviser (Nomad). Generally an investment bank or corporate finance or accountancy firm, NOMADS are there to guide the company through the listing process and their ongoing responsibilities once admitted. By doing so, they act effectively as a regulator, making sure to maintain standards and uphold the reputation of the junior market.

Brokers On AIM

Nominated Brokers

The responsibilities of the Nominated Broker include the following: supporting the financing needs of the company by assessing the level of investor interest at the time of admission and in any subsequent rounds of fundraising; acting as a conduit for the company’s relations with its shareholders; providing ongoing advice on market-related and trading-related matters; and advising on the pricing of shares and other investment opportunities.

Auditors On AIM


Compared to the Main Market, where the Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC) completely dominate the auditing requirements of listed companies, AIM has a wider selection of auditing firms that are operational on the market.

Lawyers On AIM


Companies on AIM are advised by an extensive network of market specialists, who contribute to the ongoing success and integrity of the market. Such specialists include accountants, public relations and investor relations professionals, as well as Lawyers – many of which can be found below.

Registrars On AIM


The Registrar is the ultimate record keeper of shares and shareholders, as well as key administrator both during and after an AIM IPO. They can provide valuable help for AIM investors who have lost paper share certificates, have moved house, forgotten to inform the relevant organisations and want to reclaim past dividends. They also ensure that dividends are paid to the correct individuals, whilst also making sure that company information is sent out in a timely manner.